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Thread: Wad2Iso problem

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    Wad2Iso problem

    Im trying to get my Wiiware to run from my usb following the guild on the site now everyone was going good until i got to using Wad2Iso, I followed the link and downloaded it. Now if i do one wad at a time it works fine but i have alot of them as im a collector. If i do a batch although the files are diffent sizes and they all show the names of the game that they are. When i go to transfer the the iso's using the last step they all are recognized as the last game coppied in the batch. and of course well only overwrite that one game. Again what a time works but thats getting very tedius and id like to get them done all at once. I have tried to look for another version of Wad2ISO but that seems completly hopeless going through 9999999 dead links for phony ones just trying to sell some garbage... Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance...

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    Lol must be still thinking about Guild Wars2 beta invite i meant to say followed the Guide on the site

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    Wait, what? Can you tell me your problem in ~15 words, it's all jumbled up like this, and I cant understand a thing....
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    If i do one wad at a time with Wad2Iso it works fine, but if i set to do 2 or more it takes the last name in the batch and when i select to transfer them using wiibackup manager to my usb it says all of them have the same name as the last game in the batch. SO for eg: if i did 20 WiiWare games with Wad2Iso in a batch the last one was TetrisPary and i try to add them to WiiBackup Manager to transfer to the my USB drive it well say each one is TetrisPary and so it well only transfer one game. BUT if i did 20 WiiWare games one a time and NOT in a batch WiiBackup Manager sees them all by there proper names and work just fine.

    Id like to be able to do them in a batch as one at a time is very time consuming

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    Why are you using Wad2Iso? There's a big chance the program doesn't work, and it's illegal to download WiiWare wads.
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