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Thread: I need playing NHL!

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    Wink I need playing NHL!

    Hello everyone. I am sorry for my english before! )
    Recently i get from my relatives white Wii produced 2006. But father upgraded Wii to 4.3 yesterday. From this tutorial
    i learned what my Wii on chip GC2-DMS, and playing burned DVD without softmoding. Is it true? Or i must be done this tutorial
    I tried burning DVD NHL2010, but my Wii type "Unable to read the disk". Is it Wii issues, or i burned DVD wrong?
    Thanks all!

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    if you hardmodded(got a chip) there is no need for softmodding. However, it is highly recommended beacuse:

    1: It's free
    2: You will be able to play backups from your USB/HDD
    3: Brick protection
    4: Playing media with WiiMC
    And a lot more!
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    No, no! Oh i m sorry! I was incorrectly expressed.
    My Wii not hardmoded, just working on a GC2-DMS, and if i had hardmode chip, i would not doing hardmode, only softmode.
    I think, this right way playing, because i need playing only one (may be two) game!

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    You cannot play burnt DVDs without softmodding. The guide you mentioned (softmod any wii - the second link in your first post) is an excellent guide which you should follow from start to finish.

    Your wii (after being softmodded) will be able to play games from a burnt DVD or a USB drive. Personally, I think USB loading is the way to go and many others on this site would agree with me when I say disc loading is outdated and inconvenient.

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    Thank you! Try.

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    You cannot play burnt DVDs without softmodding
    I disagree.
    I had WiiKey v2 modchip before softmodding and I could play burned copies. Only the newer Wii's can't do it at all.
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    Interested. Whether there are some Wii, which dont need hard(soft) modding?

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    Sorry, I was not very clear in my first post.

    What I meant was that the OP cannot play burnt DVDs without ANY modding. I suggested softmodding because it is free and hardmodding is not a good option if you want to know what has been done to your wii (I definitely recommend softmodding).

    Again, sorry about not being clear, you CAN play burnt DVDs with a hardmod, but I don't think it is necessary for the OP to get his wii hardmodded.


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