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Thread: Newbie just got his first Wii and is already confussed.

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    Newbie just got his first Wii and is already confussed.

    Hey everyone I hope you have time and patience to help a Newbie.

    I just bought a Wii (It's my first Wii).

    It is a white Wii, which is equipped with a mod chip installed (the seller could not tell me which mod chip). I have been browsing the net and found so much information regarding soft moding (that it has confused me). So I thought I would write in here and get some real advice.

    It is a white European Wii with a boot chip and firmware 4.3.

    My wishes is to install Wad manager. I would also like to install the Gamecube backup luncher, and the USBloader.

    There are just so many Wii IOS and I have no idea what they do.
    Also do not know about mod chip affect IOS system.

    Is there someone who can guide a Newbie through this project

    A head up Thanks to everyone that gives some feedback :-)

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    Go to the intro section and introduce yourself to the community, and there you will get a heap of links to help you out.


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