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Thread: Is there a way I can tranfer saves?

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    Is there a way I can tranfer saves?

    I cant seem to find the save file for the game The Last Story, I am having issues with the ISO, it freezes at a certain cutscene I am even 7 hours in.

    I plan to use the NTSC J opposed to the one I was using NTSC P. Hopefully that will remedy the issue but how can I get one save transferred to the other? Or more so is there any easy fix for this cutscene problem? its only this one scene.

    Thanks guys.

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    You make a pal save and a jap save. Extract both files with savegame manager. Then you compare the two together with a hex editor and find the difference in the region titles of the data. You then hex edit the one to match the other and copy it into the others folder, then restore it. It is best to start with two new save files. Typically the data is at the beginning the files. Just need to change one number for one region to match the number of the other. It is different per game, you could look at other save game transfers to give yourself an idea, like NSMB or zenoblade, or other.
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