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Thread: Do you like the Nintendo Wii?

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    Do you like the Nintendo Wii?

    I have an XBOX 360. I like it, but I don't like it as much as I thought I would for some reason. I am thinking about trading my 360 to get credit to buy a Nintendo Wii. I have not really cared much for the Nintendo brand since around the last years of the Super Nintendo. The N64 and the Gamecube was not appealing to me at all. I switched over to the Playstation series which I loved playing considerably. The PS3 is just too expensive for me to buy at this point in my life. I heard that the Wii is Nintendo's last great effort to redeem itself from the ashes. I hear nothing but good things about it, but more responses from you guys of Yahoo answers would help me further in deciding if purchasing a Wii would be a worthy investment. Your opinion will mean alot to me. Why do you like or dislike the Wii? Pro's, con's etc... Thank you

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    I haven't played it as of yet,

    but i heard it's pretty dangerous LOL.

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    The Wii is probably the most fun. Its great if you have people over. It really gets you in the game and most enjoy every part of it. The only Cons are the weak graphics and the Wii injurys that people suffer. I have one and it is fun.

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    Well I gotta tell you man it's all about what you're into. The Xbox 360 Ps3 and all that offers games in all different sorts of genres like racing, shooting, war, action, whatever. The Nintendo Wii is different. It can only play games usable with those two numchucks and the sensors. So if a game is too complex to be controlled by imitated movement, they won't have it. I think they were already pushing it with Medal of Honor it's so hard to aim and shoot and move around with that thing it's ridiculous. I think the Wii is trying to hard with all the games. Wii sports on the other hand is fun it's very interactive and virtual but eventually you will get tired of it. I don't have it and I'm already tired of it. I'm not too crazy about the Wii but if you like interactive playing or reality simulation then pick the wii. If you like games where you can actually play comfortably take the Xbox, ps3 and what not. Keep in mind options for Wii are limited as they can only make games so as you can perform the action whereas other systems can stretch as far as they can. It's also better playing with your buddies and a couple of beers and if you're under 18 I meant sodas.

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    the nintendo wii sales are higher than PS3 .It also features a new interactive gameplay.

    but the problem is graphics and detail in games.the xbox 360

    has far better games and graphics.

    but it all depends upon you man whether you want graphics or a very cool interactive gameplay.the wii gets u involved in the game.

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    My husband and I have both, an Xbox 360 and a Wii. I personally like the Wii since the games tend to be focused for a younger crowd and most of the games aren't all about killing people. On the other hand Xbox is fun when you want to play in a relaxed situation and not move around at all (once you get a hang of the Wii you learn that you don't have to do really drastic movements with the controllers). Something that I like about Xbox 360 is the face that you can video chat and play a bunch of online games... Wii doesn't have those capabilities from what I have found. I would definatly recomend Wii if you are bored with your Xbox.

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    It depends if your a serious or casual gamer. The xbox is focused more towards a serious gamer with mainly shooter and racing games. The Wii is focused around the novelty of its controller. Personally gaming is a hobby for me and I have both an Xbox 360 and a Wii along with my gaming PC. I don't play the Wii that much but my dad loves playing Wii Play and Wii Sports. When I play the only games I play so far have been Trauma Center, which is freaking awesome, and Zelda. Also Save your xbox 360. Right now there are some shat games but pretty soon there is gonna be some really good games: Transformers, Halo 3, Assassians Creed, Fable 2, Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, and Half-Life 2: Orange Box (has Portal,Half-Life 2 Episode 2, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode 1, and Team Fortress 2). However the Wii will be getting Mario Party 8 which is pretty cool too. It all boils down to wether you like playing shooters and High Def gaming or wether you are just a casual gamer. Personally I would keep the xbox 360 unless you had excess cash then the wii is a good sidekick system

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    The Wii is an ok system the only down fall I see from it besides graphics are a lot of games are for the younger crowd. Most that are not are either remade from an old game or you can get on most of the other systems. I have a PS3 and I was really really considering on getting a Wii aswell but besides the Nintendo favorites like Mario/Zelda I do not see a big deal with the games but I did see a Zorro game looked pretty Koo and a couple more but that was it. I am sort of faced with the same thing I am just not sure if it is worth for me to get. Since I am not missing out on to much of the other games.

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    As a purchaser of all 3 "next gen" consoles i my current lineup is 1.Xbox 360



    why might you ask? both the 360 and ps3 offer more mature themed games which to me are more fun to play. like the gamecube before it, the wii seems to be centered on multiplayer ingenuity. if you like old school games, definately go for the wii. i have yet to buy anything off the wii store due to money issues but plan to eventually. like i said before, it'll all depend on what type of game you like to play. mature: ps3, 360. more family themed: wii. it's a tough choice but if i had only one system to choose, i would go with the 360. it has the most stable user base imo, and seems to have better and more reliable game release due to the controller.

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    no the only i way would get one is for the resident evil umbrella chronicles game but for now i'll stick with my 360

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