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Thread: Having issues with external drive

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    Having issues with external drive

    So i have an Western Digital My Book Essentials WDBACW0020HBK-NESN 2TB it is formated Fat32, and i transfered all my backed-up games using Wii Backup manager... i was playing Zelda and 10 minutes into it.. The light in front went solid (normally flashing while playing) and the screen went black.. I had to turn the wii off and then back up.. Then stared playing Rayman and about 5 minutes into the HD just turn it self off... and my TV screen went to (Reading disc....) disconnected the power from my external drive and back in, the front indication light came on flashing but the screen kept it self in reading disc... Any idea?

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    seems like there was a 30 min sleep timer on it.. I will try again with the timer disabled

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    That didnt fix it.. Played rayman for about 10 min and it shut off the drive again i updated the firmware of the drive and sat the timer to never turn off... any ideas??


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