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Thread: Wii Version 4.3 softmodded

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    Us Wii Version 4.3 softmodded

    I have a softmodded wii that is version 4.3 and my disc drive wont read DVD-R's........ i have the homebrew channel and all other necessary files......... i use wii flow in association with my flash drive to play my backups....... and from what i understand, you cannot play GC backups without an actual GC disc in the wii........ what i need to know is can i play burnt GC games on my wii if i use an external disc drive? if so can someone give me a tutorial showing this? If not, then can someone tell me if there is any way to play GC backups on my softmodded wii without the actual GC disc or a wii game disc....... every way i have ever come across involves an actual disc needing to be in the wii.........i would prefer to have a way to play them from a flash drive. I modded my wii using Mauifrog's guide.

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    First you need original gc game - than follow DML Guide.


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