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Thread: USBLoaderGX/Wiflow/Neogamma all send me back to the wii menu..

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    USBLoaderGX/Wiflow/Neogamma all send me back to the wii menu..

    I did the softmod hack with letterbomb today, following the guide on this site, everything seemed to work fine, I have all these apps in my wii menu now, but when I try to launch them, they all just send me back to the wii menu.
    HBC does work tho.

    I have no clue what I'm doing I'm not really good with this stuff, but I followed the full guide step by step pretty sure I didn't miss anything.
    I did some research about maybe missing an Ios? I'm not sure how that works and what I should do.

    Thanks in advance

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    did you forget to do the last step where you get the apps for your sd or usb device?

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    Maybe on your wii are installed only the forwaders, so you need the loaders on your SD card.

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    Go into the homebrew channel and see if they are visible there. If they aren't, then you have your apps in the wrong spot.


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