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Thread: Whats Best Setup For My USB Harddrive

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    Whats Best Setup For My USB Harddrive

    I have a softmoded 4.3U Wii im using a 1 Terabyte Maxter USB. Presently its in WBFS format with all my Wii games backed up to it. But id like to be able to put all my games ive downloaded from the WiiShop and put my Movies on it as well. Was wondering what would work best. Converting to fat32 or NTSF one single partition or several. What would work the best are there any limitations going one way or the other...Any information is appreciated thanks in advance....

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    I have a 2 TB external hard drive. I put 100gb first partition as fat 32 so I can use it for homebrew and such and the rest as ntfs for my game backups. The first partition must be fat32 if u wanna use homebrew on it. You can do the whole thing as fat32 for hombrew + games but I chose not to.


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