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Thread: Got a new WII

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    Got a new WII

    I just got a new WII, brand new from best buy (black one) I want to mod it so i can play burned copies of games.. Whats the BEST way of doing this??

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    I think you will have to replace the drive or possibly flash its firmware. Softmodding alone will not allow it.

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    isnt there a chip u install inside??

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    I'm pretty sure all the new wiis cannot play burned discs. They drive does not have the ability.

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    I think any Wii which is not the white one cannot play backed up games.

    Your best bet is to play them off USB or take it back an hunt for a second hand white wii

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    Well i dont mind playing from USB is there a way to do it??

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    Make a post in the Introduce Yourself section. You will receive a lot of links and answers to the questions you are asking.


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