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Thread: problem with configurable usb loader

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    problem with configurable usb loader

    so I soft modded my wii quite a while ago, and have never had any problems. just today i went to load configurable usb loader and recieved "could not open file" and to press any buttton to go to wii menu. what would be the quickest and easiest way to fix this.

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    Hi Squeekee, Post a sys check, you may need to update your mod, Check my sig for sys check help. You will get better advice once people can see the system And cios you have installed. You may just need to update your CFG

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    Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts u need to partition the usb external harddrive? I used Maui frogs guide( GREAT, BY THE WAY) , and the only game loader that worked & recognized the usb was Configurable USB loader. On our other Wii, i had used Dogg Eggs guide and installed games with usb loader, played off of Neogamma.
    Can u choose which game loader to use(ie: neogamma or configurable usb loader)? with maui frogs guide, neogamma did not recognize partitioned usb.

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    There is no "need" to partition your usb drive. The only stipulation is that if you want to run homebrew apps from it, the drive (or the first partition) must be formatted to FAT32.

    Dogeggs guide was great in its time. It was the first guide I ever used. There have been many advancements and updates since then. The latest ANY Wii guide gives you all the latest updates and loaders. Neogamma is best for disc/sd loading. The other three loaders included are much better when it comes to loading from a usb drive.

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