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Thread: DML & Gamecube Controlls

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    DML & Gamecube Controlls

    so ive posted this question 3 times already and so far havnt found a solution

    when i load my gamecube iso's in cfgloader or neogamma (etc)
    the L and R buttons on the gamecube controller dont work
    i can still Power off & restart the wii using the L+R+Z+Start but using the L and R buttons in the game dont work
    the L button works like (L+R) in the game ..... so i cant get far in games that require both buttons seperate :..(

    at first i thought it was with a few games but now it seems its only with gamecube iso's

    my controller works with all my other games on my wii (Snes, N64)
    ive re-downloaded different game iso's but still the problem is there

    i re-softmoded my wii following the "Softmod any Wii" guide
    then i installed Dios Mios Lite from the"Install Dios Mios Lite" guide (tryed rev 21 that was in the pack then switched to rev 58)
    and still the problem persist

    if you need any more info please let me know and i will gladly post all that i can

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    one thread is sufficient, stop making multiple threads for the same issue.
    Stick to this one:


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