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Thread: Wii Music Coming To Wii U?

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    Wii Music Coming To Wii U?

    Its no surprise that Shigeru Miyamoto is dissatisfied with the reception Wii Music received but what is surprising is his determination to make another game in the series. Miyamoto told Spanish newspaper El Mundo that he wants to take some of the ideas that worked in the original Wii music on Wii and put them to good use on Wii U.

    It is always sad that something is not sold as well as expected. I think these negative experiences on a project is a thorn that is stuck, so we usually try to work the best idea or at least take it up and concretize it from an angle different for use in another title. Is that the case of Wii Music? Yes, I want to do more with that idea, he adds with a laugh.

    Source- MyNintendoNews

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    I love Wii Music, what would they call this?, Wii mUsic? I hope The Ballad of the Goddess is included

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    I hope they give the game a little more customization than the first one!

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    Well that's disappointed


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