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Thread: MW3 - ios224 vs ios 250

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    Question MW3 - ios224 vs ios 250

    Hello, I am having a problem with MW3 using CFG. When I play the game using ios250 I get this choppy/laggy framerate when hosting. I know there is normal hostlag but this is very different its almost as if the game is pausing/skipping every 4-5 seconds, this ONLY happens when I'm hosting using ios250. When I am not hosting on 250 the game runs smooth as butter with no problems. If I switch over to ios224 and host I dont have this choppy/pause, it's virtually gone and that applies to not hosting as well. I would like to know if this problem can be eradicated or should I just stick with 224 and if there are any advantages/disadvantages using one ios over the other to play MW3.

    I am using CFG v70r27

    Ios224 Base 57 v5.0 (r65535)
    Ios250 Base 57 d2x v7final

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Update your d2x. Just Google d2x ios installer
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    Okay I updated Ios250, I now have Ios250 Base 57 d2x v8final installed. Will report back later after playing and seeing if the problem is gone. Thanks

    Edit: v8 is the latest d2x right?

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    I am back with the results. Still getting the choppy/pausing thing on the new Ios250 while hosting. It seemed to help a little maybe about 30% better, more tolerable than before. I used Ios224 and again I had no problems with hosting.

    Anyone else have a possible solution/fix for this or is this all my imagination?

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    Hi majorshake, A little info for you I run my MW3 with CFG v70 & GX 2.3 without problems. Maybe it's a broadband traffic problem. what time of day are you online. As I do get slow response at busy times. When everyone comes home from work for a couple of hours. Just a thought............

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    I'm usually on around 2:00pm pacific until 6:00pm at the time I'm the only one using the internet during that time. Gonna also add that I've never had this problem while playing my retail copy of the game and I have tried both wired and wireless connections to see if that was the problem but its still choppy on Ios 250 with either connection type when hosting.

    Edit: If I cant find a solution I'll just stick with Ios224 for MW3, any downsides using this over 250?

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    Hi Majorshake. Thanks for reply i'm a night shift worker so I get to play when most folks are working. I'm going to try 224[57] see if I notice any difference, Thanks.
    I tried 224[57] seemed to lag. I also had strange jumping of images. I will stick with 250[57] Interesting to try out though.
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