A little background im using 4.3U, CIOs58, MplayerCE V6.58 and WiiMC V1.2.4. Im using Kodack DVD+R, Philips DVDDL+R, aslo tried a couple of DVD+RW and DVD-RW that i had kicking around. At first MplayerCE wouldnt run anything not even originals, WiiMC would only play originals. Today i downloaded ModMii V6.08 prepped my SD and redid the Wii. This did help but im still having troubles.

Now MplayerCE well play from SD, originals DVDs and copys on DVD+R, but it jumps into the dvd and bypasses the dvd men. If i select to use the second playdvd option it pulls up the menu but i cant get it to change between episodes on the DVD. Also startup is a little sluggish before it plays, With WiiMC it well play originals fine and can run movies on SD i can select menu inside dvd just fine but it wont play any copied movies. Have i missed something is there any software updates i can do to resolve this or is there another DVD movie player i can use thats better any information would be appreciated.