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Thread: Xenoblade Chronicles Questions.

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    Xenoblade Chronicles Questions.

    Hi there, new to the forums looking for some guidance. I previously softmodded my wii using a tutorial on Youtube, i honestly dont remember any of the information that was used, all i know is that it worked when i followed the instructions.

    basically, i recently downloaded the NA version of Xenoblade Chronicles and got to playing it using WiiFLOW, again the tutorial i used was a youtube one and it was pretty easy to install, nothing too complicated, it had a instruction manual included so i followed that.

    everything is installed now and i load up the game on my 500 gb, partitioned hard drive, formatted correctly for WBFS using the WBFS converter.

    I pop it into my wii and load up the game, no issues. Game plays fine for 4+ hours and then i come to a zone in the game and my controller stops responding. The game is still running, music playing, characters moving, but i cannot control anything.

    I would be more than happy to post any and all information that you might need as long as you can tell me how to find it.

    for now know that my wii is using firmware 4.3U.

    Thanks in advance, if this is in the wrong spot feel free to move it as i will be subscribing to it and checking back regularly.

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    Downloading games is piracy. Piracy is not supported here. Please read the forum rules. Thread closed.


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