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Thread: Playing other region games and playing divx files

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    Playing other region games and playing divx files


    I'm yet to recieve my modded Wii that I bought a few days ago. I've tried searching both google and the forums and the info I've found has been a little complicated and I'm unsure if they answer my question. I know that the Wii I bought is running 4.3e software if that helps?

    I was wondering if my PAL Wii can play NTSC games? and if so will it play them straight from the softmod or will I have to install other software?

    Also, the same question for divx/avi files?

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    You can play any out of region game from any backup loader. You can play media files with wiimc. The need for you to install anything else depends on how the wii was modded.
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    If you have a pal wii you need a pal TV or force the video to play NTSC in loader settings

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