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Thread: forum nick not accepted as irc nick - how to join #wiihacks channel?

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    forum nick not accepted as irc nick - how to join #wiihacks channel?

    This is *not* an argument, just trying to find out how I should proceed with this. Should I start a new forum account (with an "IRC-compatible" nick)? See below.

    (connecting to the server, and trying to change to proper IRC nick)
    [08:21:07] * Connecting to (6667)
    (trying "/nick 001")
    001 Erroneous Nickname: Illegal characters
    (didn't work, trying to join anyway and tell about it)
    [08:22:59] * Now talking in #wiihacks
    [08:23:01] <Luigi> Nickname TAS_2012v is not a registered member of the wiihacks forum. 
    [08:23:02] -Luigi- You are welcome to rejoin the chat channel but please do so with your forum nick.
    [08:23:02] * Luigi sets mode: +b TAS_2012v!*@*
    [08:23:03] * You were kicked by Luigi (Congratulations, you won a brand new kick!)
    (trying to ask for help in #flame-pit)
    [08:27:48] * Now talking in #flame-pit
    [08:28:09] <TAS_2012v> how to join #wiihacks if my forum nick can't be used as nick on the irc server?
    [08:28:19] <TAS_2012v> /nick 001 
    [08:28:21] <TAS_2012v> gives:
    [08:28:31] <TAS_2012v> 001 Erroneous Nickname: Illegal characters
    [08:30:53] <TAS_2012v> guess I could create a new forum account maybe, but is that really necessary?
    [14:28:47] * ********** has joined #flame-pit
    [14:28:48] * Mario sets mode: +o **********
    [15:07:45] <**********> .profile TAS_2012v
    [15:07:47] <Luigi> Check out TAS_2012v's profile using the following link: 
    [15:08:12] * You were kicked by ********* (go register!)
    Catch 22?

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    Bear with me for 5 minutes and I will try an sort it out as Irc will not accept the numbers in your nick

    What nick would u like to use in irc instead?
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    Internet Relay Chat (IRC) has much more restrictive nick requirements than does the forum. Your nick is one example, it starts with a non-alpha. I have added an alternative nickname for you to use in chat: "zerozero1". Logging on to chat with this nick will relate you back to your forum nick.


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    Thanks for the quick help!


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