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Thread: Greetings and a quick question

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    Greetings and a quick question

    Hello all, I'm quite new to console modding but one way or another I recently realized how easy some of these can be.

    I've pretty much decided on the wode jukebox, it looks to be exactly what I want in a mod chip. The only question I have related to the disc drive version; it seems the wode is not able to play back ups burned to discs. Now, I have no intention of burning back ups, only playing wii and gc games from the usb port.

    I plan to pick up a used wii for modding, and since I don't intend to use physical burned media, the drive model is of no concern to me. Correct?

    Other than it not being one of the newest, are there any other things to consider when purchasing?

    Many thanks!

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    Okay listen up pal. You do not want to hardmod(get a modschip).You see, getting a chip and someone to install it costs money. Thats the first thing. Second thing, you said you want to use it for modding and play games from USB drives. BOOM! Another downside of hardmodding and upside of softmodding.

    And lastly, if nintendo makes a brick-update(update which doesn't get any new changes, it's just here to remove softmods and/or hardmods) you wont be able to:
    1. Restore your Wii if Nintendo patches wode
    2. Update safely using WiiHacks.

    So in conclusion:
    Modchips: Play backup games.
    Softmodding: Phew. Play backup games, play games of USBs and HDDs,the homebrew use the homewbrew channel(whick should be important if you plan to use your Wii for modding), and a lot of other things.

    So, if i convinced you, head over to Mauifrogs softmod any wii guide, head here:

    If not, good luck on hard modding, and if you change your mind, i suggest using WiiKey v2.
    <----- Click thanks if I helped!

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    Well, I would install it myself (I've repaired similar things, just no mods) so there's no real cost there. And if I did, I wouldn't update the wii as I'd have another for regular gameplay. The thing that sold me was the ability to play GCN backups from usb and being able to play my library of them without changing discs.

    That being said, and having multiple wii's, I think I'll try both.


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