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Thread: Games freezing

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    Games freezing

    Hello guys. I had my Wii modded with WiiFree way back ago, and now I've softmodded it with mauifrog's tutorial.

    Some games works fine (DKC:Returns, F12009), some games freeze randomly at gameplay (Madden 2011, Mario Kart, Wii Sports Resorts) and Brawl always freezes on game intro.

    I'm using USB LOADER GX 2.3 with cIOS 249, d2x8-final using IOS 58 (using 56 or 57 the USB LOADER GX does not recognize my HD).

    Any ideas what's wrong with my Wii?

    Thanks in advance, and if this thread is on the wrong forum, could the admins move it?

    Edit: I forgot to say ... Running games on DVD (backup) instead of on HD, as Mario Kart Wii, they still freeze. Before softmodding the wii these freezes never occurred.
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