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Thread: please help me with some answers

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    please help me with some answers

    I have a console with firmware 4.2e and I want to mod it. how to install Bootmii as boot2? can play games on dvd or stick after modding? I have a hdd samdung g2 is not in the list of supported HDDs. which tutorial should i follow for a successful modding? Thanks a lot.

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    Okay wait. First things first, when did you buy your Wii? If its the new ones, you wont be able to install BootMii as boot2, only as IOS. To softmod it, i recomend mauifrog's softmod any wii here your HDD wasnt on the list, it doesent mean it won't work, only that no one else tried it yet. I bought one that wasnt on the list, and it works flawlessly. You might wanna ask a Mod to add your HDD to the list if it works. When you softmod your Wii, you will be able to play backup games on DVD-R using NeoGamma, and from your HDD using USB Loader GX.

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    Why not post in the introduction section and the mods will give you everything you need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IBe6UBe9 View Post
    Why not post in the introduction section and the mods will give you everything you need?
    This is a good idea! We encourage all new members to make a post in the introduce yourself forum. The reply you get will have a bunch of great information to get you on the right path.

    Marko's post is mostly correct. If you have a newer wii it will not be able to have bootmii installed as boot 2, it also WILL NOT be able to play burned games from dvd. There are a few loaders to choose from as well, although my personal preference is GX. The softmod any wii guide is what we recommend you follow, linked in post#2 and also in my signature. If you read the FAQ page linked in my signature it will answer pretty much all of your basic newbie questions.


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