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Thread: I need to play super smash bros. Brawl!!! help plz

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    I need to play super smash bros. Brawl!!! help plz

    I tried burning the game onto a dual layered cd, i use gecko to open it, and the game starts and it reads the game and shows the banner but b4 even getting to the start screen i get an error disc could not be read.

    How can i fix this? do i have to download some ios thing or something? if so can u plz remind me how to do that

    also i would try jst putting it on an sd card and loading it with usb loader gx, problem is it said the file was too large, because my sd was in FAT32, i changed it to wbfs, but than i couldnt use my sd card for other things, i only have one sd card so i need to open it, if i try it says i need to format

    so basically, i would prefer playing the dual layered cd, my wii is 4.3U and other burned and retail games work fine, although this is the only blue ray game i tried other than the retail disc of super smash bros brawl, so what can i do to get this thing working?
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    it looks like its going to work , the game starts up and than it does the first white screen that tells u about wii remote safety, and than it says online interactions are not rated by esrb, than it starts to load the intro, and thats when i get the error, disc could not be read


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