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Thread: Game loads menus, but crashes after

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    Game loads menus, but crashes after

    Let me preface this by saying that my intentions for modding my wii are simply to eliminate load times and discs. I am only installing games from discs that I own. No torrents, so the installs are not corrupted.

    I have my wii set up with homebrew, bootmii, and 2 different USB loaders (GX and CFG). For the most part, things are working great. I am able to install my games on a USB hard drive and run them without the disc, as intended.

    My issue is with one specific game, "Jerry Rice and Nitus' Dog Football" (more fun than you'd think, don't knock it 'til you've tried it). All my other games seem to work flawlessly. I am able to install the game without issue using either of the USB loaders. When I run the game, everything works just fine on the menus, but as soon as I am about to enter a game, the screen goes black and the wii restarts to the wii menu. For reference, in case anyone has experience with this specific game, the crash occurs before the usual (juggling crab) loading screen.

    I've tried to play around with the settings for game launch in both loaders, but nothing can get me into a game. I am sure that CFG is fully up to date, and fairly confident that GX is as well. I have little experience with wii modding and I've poked around various forums trying to get a handle on the problem to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

    *Edit* Forgot to add, if you need any info on my system, etc. I'll do what I can to oblige.
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    I don't know anything about that game. That probably did not help much. Install cios d2x v8 final, install for all bases into the standard slots. Give the game a try in wiiflow. Give the game a try in neogamma r10. Have a look at the settings, under alt dol, how many dol files does the loader find? Perhaps this game has some trick to it? Or perhaps just updating cios will help. Best of luck. Can you load the game from disc via neogamma or usbloader gc or other?
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