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Thread: What the hell is the nintendo special event???

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    What the hell is the nintendo special event???

    does anyone know what the nintendo special event is so i can catch darkrai, sheymin and arceus plz some1 tell me!!!!

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    For the people who loves video games.

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    The nintendo event is when Nintendo hosts an event that allows people to catch those following Pokmon. That's all you need to know for now, for they have no yet hosted an event for the D/P yet. I might be able to inform you when, but atm, all I know is that Japan is getting a Darkrai Event on July 14th.

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    I think the Nintendo Special Event is where about 250 guys in Pokemon suits perform singing and acting skits on stage. I hear there's even one dressed up like a Stan Lee Mr. Mime sort of character.

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    Well, the Nintendo Special Events occur a few times per year, and they're rather exclusive. They occur to give you a ticket or item you can use to access an exclusive Pokemon, and you can receive the item as a Mystery Gift via Nintendo WFC at the time of the event. Until then, you're outta luck.


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