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Thread: Possible brick?

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    Possible brick?

    Hello, I purchased a Wii recently and went through this process of modding it:

    I got all the way to the final step but for some reason the app package download wasn't working at the moment. So i tried to individually install ones i wanted including configurable usb loader.

    One of the steps in installing one of these individual installs it said it required a certain ios#, me being retarded I installed it so im assuming i installed a lower ios than what i had.

    It boots fine into the homebrew channel but when i try and access the system menu i get black screen displaying the: 4.3 USA.

    I can access the multi mod manager which gives me the option to install a table of ios. What should i do, it doesn't seem completely bricked?

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    You'll love this.

    Hold reset, boot the wii, keep holding reset.
    Select system menu hacks
    Disable "Force Standard Recovery Menu"
    Select save
    Reboot your now working wii.

    Stop installing ios, the guide gives you everything you need.
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    Warning: Piracy is NOT supported. Word your questions carefully.

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    Thank you! Your right I loved that!


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