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Thread: Fragile Memories Cutscene Freeze

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    Talking Fragile Memories Cutscene Freeze

    Hey all, im new here, but not to running game backups or anything.
    I'm playing Fragile Memories, and it loads and runs fine, i dont get the black screen error everyone else seems to report.
    Rather, very early in the game, there is a cutscene where the camera follows the main character walking.
    He walks in the shack, and then just walks in place forever.

    Ive tried with cios250
    im on wii system menu 4.3u
    usb loadergx

    Any ideas? thanks for your time

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    Cutscene Freeze について =P

    I have the Japanese version of the game and had the same problem. All my games are backups though, and I load them with USB Loader GX. I think its necesary the IOS 250 and to enable VIDTV Patch and Sneek Video Patch
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