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Thread: Wiiflow nand emulation no luck after 6 months

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    Wiiflow nand emulation no luck after 6 months

    I have been trying to figure out how to doWiiflow nand emulation now for the past 6 months. I have yet to have any luck, I have followed the guides over and over again. I have tried having wiiflow on the SD card and then on the HD, I have tried having the SD/nand and USB/nand and when i go into wiiflow it only finds the real nand. Could someone please lend me a hand? I am not sure what info you need to help.... I currently have wiiflow on the USB and my nand on the SD, I go into the options in wiiflow and select full emulated nand and select the source as SD and when it goes back it is black and is telling me to select a game partion.

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    theres a thread here that helps u look into ur system using system check
    u should use that and c if anyone helps u
    it mite be something small like a simple instalation or wad or something

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    I can't see a post off u in the wiiflow nand emulation guide?


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