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Thread: 3 games not working

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    3 games not working

    ok so i softmoded 4.3 the console and all the games work fine from usb external hdd except 3 games : red steel - red steel 2 - legend of zelda skyward sword

    red steel: i get a nintendo screen then the console resets to home screen

    red steel 2 : i get a green screen then the console resets to home screen

    skyward sword: black screen - home screen

    so what can i do about this ??

    also i read on the forum a topic about red steel 2 - i installed the ios but still the same problem !!!

    i start all the games with neogamma - i have usb loader gx but when i start the program it resets to home screen lol
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    Hey, welcome to Wiihacks. The first question would be what you did to your wii, so why not start by getting a Syscheck done. That thread will teach you how to do it, theres another thread to post your results. Looking at this will give us a better idea of what you have done/etc.


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    ok thanks man will do this and post the result

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    here is the report man also i posted it on the other thread


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    syscheck is good, u need to read through the list of problematic games


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