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Thread: SSBB Training Mode Freeze

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    Unhappy SSBB Training Mode Freeze

    First of all, my System Check:


    Every time I try to go to training mode in Super Smash Bros Brawl I get a long continuous beep and it freezes. I have to hold the power button. At first I thought it was a scratched disk problem so I tried downloading it off the internet and tried going to training mode using USB Loader GX. Same results. After using the search and Google I couldn't find much.
    Also this only started happening after I soft-modded my Wii (Smash Stack). More specifically, around the time I installed USB Loader GX. Anyone know how I can fix this?

    Thanks in advance, yep26
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    On your sd card you need to go into the private folder and then wii folder, then title folder and look for and delete this folder RSBE01 and that will fix your freezing problem.

    Why don't you just use this and rehack your wii your because you have some ios stub and cios stubs.
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    Thanks, now it works perfectly. I also followed the guide and re-hacked my Wii.

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