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Thread: Instruments/Controllers Cross Console

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    Instruments/Controllers Cross Console

    Hello all.
    I have just recently SoftModded my Wii console and I have an interesting question.
    I have explored homebrew apps on Wiibrew and even though I am somewhat new to this, I have not been able to find accurate information through various searches.
    I'm interested if any of you have ever used any rock band/guitar hero instruments/controllers cross console. I soon will have Rock Band 2 for Wii, and I currently have an xbox Rock Band wired USB guitar.
    My ideal goal would be to use my xbox Rock Band wired USB guitar with Wii Rock Band games, Wii Guitar Hero games, and GuitarFun Homebrew app.
    I learned that a SoftModded Wii can do so much, and I am interested to learn if others have accomplished this and how they have.
    Any information and experience will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Pretty sure that's a no on that.

    Sent with WiiHacks app, that should explain any typos 8-p


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