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Thread: Homebrew updating questions after modding a Wii if you please

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    Homebrew updating questions after modding a Wii if you please

    Hi Gang,
    Just finished successfully modding my Wii (proof there is a God) as we wanted a second unit to keep at Grandpa's house when my boy visits. I'm getting 2 message requests that I don't want to follow through on without your input if you'd be so kind. The first is asking me to update my Homebrew from 1.03 to 1.11 if I read correctly, the second is my WiiMC Player telling me I need to update my IOS "or I'll have issues", which seems correct as I can't find the kids movies I backed up on it that we were able to watch just 2 days ago.
    So #1, can I accept the request to update Homebrew? My Wii is set up wirelessly connected to my router if that matters. I simply didn't want to risk bricking it if updating my HBC while wireless was a risk, same question about my WiiMC Player and updating the IOS. I do have Priiloader installed. Allow me to say "thank you" for helping me go from barely being able to power on my Wii to modding my own, I'm so grateful for your time and tolerance.

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    Yes, it is safe to update both Homebrew Channel and Wiimc.

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    Thanks Toby for such a quick reply, I appreciate it.

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