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Thread: wiimc channel

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    wiimc channel

    i have just installed the wiimc channel and everytime i go to load it from the channel i get sent back to the wii menu any help would be appreciated

    i have looked

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    Did you follow the any wii guide? Did you format your sd card and put the app pack on it as suggested? if u didnt follow that guide you can grab the app pack from there, format sd card, extract app pack to your sd card, pop it in yur wii, try that.

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    is this a channel or thru hbc?

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    through the channel i want it but when load it up keeps going back to wii menu

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    try it thru hbc real quick plz

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    no cant get it to play through homebrew either so who knows

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    Chances are your boot.dol is corrupt or just in the wrong place. Download it again, just in case.

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    thanks for all the help have re since re installed it all and used ios58 installer as well and hey presto now works so thanks for alll advice looks like i hadnt used the update version and so wasnt up to date


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