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Thread: Faulty Sundriver?

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    Faulty Sundriver?

    Hi, I wonder if I have a faulty sundriver?
    Received it last week and have many issues.
    Pal UK Wii, was on 4.3E now downgraded to 4.1E.
    I can see the device fine in the Sun-Iso (ver 15) software and I can upload Iso's to it.
    I have also sent over the menu (V7).
    However when I load the menu I can only navigate using a GC controller. Pressing the reset button turns off the Wii.
    My method of operation right now is this.
    Power on Wii with Eject button, load GCOS Menu (V7), choose game with GC controller and press A button, screen goes black, press reset button to power off, power Wii back on using power button, load game from disk channel.

    Any thoughts please?
    It does have Priiloader installed (I can't see a method to put it back to factory fresh install with no softmods.

    Thank you for reading


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    removed priiloader, and it's working.
    How odd.


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