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Thread: I`m sooo Confused

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    Question I`m sooo Confused

    Hi all.
    I upgraded my Wii to 3.2E
    Now Iīm supposed to install cios 37 but I canīt find cios 37, But I have this file thatīs called Cios36_rev7, is this the correct file or not? And if not can somebody point me at the right direction for where to download the file?

    Files I have:

    Is there more files I need to install beside starfall?

    My Wii is an Pal with Wiikey2 3.2E homebrew channel.
    Thank you for all your answeres.

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    cIOS36_rev7-Installer.dol that is right

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    ok and i use that to install the wad files ? ios files

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  5. #5 everthing in there

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    ripper mega will homebrew just goggle that some nice stuff on there to

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    Thank you very much. I will give it a try. I answer my results after Iīm finished.


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