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Thread: GC Backup Help

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    GC Backup Help

    I didn't want to gravedig an older topic so I decided to post my problem in here.

    Hello, I'm kind of new to this stuff so excuse me if I didn't do something important.

    Anyway, what I'm having trouble with is whenever I start Neogamma with a GC Backup, it gives me the error "Not a Wii/GC disc".

    I found a topic created by a user with a similar issue and I'm fairly certain it's not my drive.

    I installed all the cIOS required and used the Softmod guide.

    What I didn't do, was use Priiloader. That MIGHT be the cause, but I'm not sure.

    Whenever I burn an ISO with Imgburn, (I'm using Verbatim brand DVD-R) it says that it's a DVD+RW and not a DVD-R. Is this normal? The case clearly read DVD-R.

    I'll post a syscheck in a bit.

    If anyone can help me with these issues, I'd be very grateful.

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    I have never messed with backup discs for GC, but I do really like THIS! You may save yourself some headaches and discs if you check it out.

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    The problem with that is that my SD card slot refuses to work.

    I get an error that says "The Device in the SD Card Slot cannot be used" with every single one of my SD cards.

    Yet when I put them into a USB SD Card reader device, they work fine!

    Is there any way to fix this error? Thanks for the help, though.


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