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Thread: Mario Kart Black & New Super Mario Brothers Wii 2 problem loading

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    Mario Kart Black & New Super Mario Brothers Wii 2 problem loading

    I really hope I have posted this in the correct section...if not mods please feel free to move. Anyways I am having some problems playing a downloaded version of both Mario Kart Black and also New Super mario brothers wii 2. Both have been downloaded from pb and completed with no problems. I installed to USB 2.0 drive via WBFS manager with no problems. Both games will launch and start correctly. Now is where the problems start...

    1. I have both a NTFS (.39gb) file of New Super Mario Bros 2: The Next Chapters and also a PAL (.59gb) file. The NTFS Version loads all the way through the title screen, the save select screen and the number of players screen. When i choose number of players it then freezes to a black error given. The PAL Version only loads to the 2nd screen (directly after wii controller warning) that states hold controller sideways... the press "2" button to continue on never appears and there is nothing more I Can do with it. Freezes.

    2. Now Mario Kart black is a little better. I was able to load all the way through, choose a save and number of players and actually start a game. I went through the 1st race (Mad Cow Meadows) with no problems. But when I tried to load next track (whatever Delphino Square becomes) it just simply freezes and wont do anything else. I have tried multiple times clicking on the Delphino Square, every time to a freeze.

    Can someone please point me in the direction of a full clean download of each game, or possibly help me figure out whats going wrong. Both of these games are my girlfriends favs...and a happy girlfriend is always more active when the lights are low

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    Downloading games is piracy, and not supported here. If you did not realize that it was piracy perhaps the name of the site you downloaded them from should have clued you in! If you want a clean download of the game I suggest you rip your original disc. I know your response to that, those games are not original games...well get the level editor and make them yourself. Do not make any more posts asking about downloaded games.

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