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Thread: Need help ripping Gamecube game to External Harddrive

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    Need help ripping Gamecube game to External Harddrive

    Anyone know of any good software whic can rip my Gamecube games to my external drive? I am aware I can not play them of of it, but I plan to burn them off the drive onto my DVD-R(s).
    Thanks, Michael.

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    I use a program called SuperDump which rips Gamecube Games into BIN Format to SD/USB and then, you just have to rename said file into "something.iso" replacing something with the game's name, just make sure that you rip it as a 1536 MB Gamecube DVD file, you have to compress the file yourself as for when I rip them, I use Dios Mios Lite to launch said rips


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