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Thread: Triforce r96 USB loading games problem

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    Triforce r96 USB loading games problem

    Hey guy im kinda new to the forum so first off hello to all of you second is my problem that i am strugling with for 2 days now without much sleep lolz.
    So i finaly got my USB drive to be regocnised via Triforce r96 but i get an error.

    After that i see my games, so i choose an game and get another error and he kicks me back. I used a couple of guides to get this far and i got the latest cios from here Made a nand dump with bootmii (latest). Putted the map with the wads called wiiware games into the wad folder on my usb hard disk.

    Nand is on the root of my usb hard drive and i added the games via the showmiiwads program.
    Still i get these errors below.

    When i load the usb nand:

    I can see the games though...:S

    After clicking start i get this:

    I realy hope this helps because i would love to play those games :P but as you can see i realy need help =(
    Am i btw using the latest triforce?
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    Update: I got some games to work but like 70% of the game arent showing up at all i got like over 100 games. So im still stuck and the first screen on the picture above, well i still have that one also.

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