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Thread: Backing up my backups.

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    Backing up my backups.

    My HD is full and i was looking to back up my iso's via rar. Is there a tut that helps explain how to do this as they are 4.5 gigs when i extract them from my wbfs formated drive. and my existing HD is only 280 gigs @ 90 iso's thats only half of what i need for space, and i have them on a 280 gig external drive but they are only 1 gig more or less since its wbfs formated? Any sugestions? Thanks and sorry if i posted this in the wrong place.

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    use wii backup manager to just copy the games to another drive as wbfs files. WBM can transfer them to ntfs or fat drives. Isos take up entirely too much space.

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    Also, if you use wiiscrubber, you can load an ISO with it and delete the extra unnecessary partitions. You can just keep the game partition then convert to wbfs and save some room.


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