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Thread: priiloader question

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    priiloader question

    does the sm hack block disc updates in priiloader, apply to usb loading? as in if i load a wbfs file with update via wiiflow cfg or gx does priiloader catch that, even though the disc update is not on disc?
    just wondering as when i just put a few games on to my hd using wii back up manager it lists the partition and im seeing a lot of ug's in the partition info box
    so is it sfe or do i need to go get brick blocker or wiiscrubber or somnthing?
    many thanx

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    priiloader should block those. When you rip your games you should have it set to only rip the game partition just to be safe. WBM has an option it it to only transfer the game partition as well.

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    I think priiloader blocks WBFS updates. But just to be safe, I would recommend to install only the game partion. Most backup loaders have a option to install only the game partion. Hope this helps!! :~)

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