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Thread: Blackscreen, but still functions.

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    Question Blackscreen, but still functions.

    So, I wasn't sure if this was a brick or some graphic related issue. This just happened a day or two ago when I started up my Wii (no changes were made). Starts up and after about 2-3 seconds the screen goes black. It shows the disclaimer and after the screen goes black I can still press 'A' and navigate to the main menu, hear the hand moving around on the main menu, select wii channels and they run appropriately, etc.. just no visual. I do have priiloader installed and when I hold reset on startup it loads, but the screen goes black here as well after about 2-3 seconds. Suggestions? If it is a brick, anyone want to give me step by step instructions with how many clicks to do on the priiloader screen (hahaha )?

    Appreciate it!

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    Sounds like hardware. Try to change cable type, composite-component. I can write out the proper button presses for you, but I really don't think it will help. Give the cables a go, if you want instructions on re-installing the menu in the dark, let me know and I will get it up.
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    Alrighty. I've been meaning to switch to component cables eventually anyways. I'll give that a go first and see if it works. Thanks.


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