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Thread: can't copy mario kart wii save to wii from SD

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    can't copy mario kart wii save to wii from SD

    hey wuddup I am having a problem with my backed-up MK wii save game. ok I have hacked my wii from 4.1u (still 4.1u), and I am able to copy all my save games from the wii to the SD, but for some reason I can't copy my MK wii BACK to the wii from the SD card. it gives me "the save may have not been copied" so my priiloader is working as it would just say "you cant copy this save".

    also i'm not a noob here I had another account here but made a new one.

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    Please use Savegame Manager GX - Mario Kart savegame (and few other games) cannot be moved without using homebrew software


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