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Thread: using a gamecube controller from the wiimenu?

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    using a gamecube controller from the wiimenu?

    is there anything out there that can allow you to use a gamecube controller from the wii system menu? a cios or even some simple program? The way the wii classic controller works makes me wonder if there is a way to bridge that output with a gamecube input. I understand they are on completely different input channels; one bluetooth, one gamecube hardware which is perhaps not "on" when the system is menu is running. Yet you can use you gamecube controllers when running vc games or some wii games so the gamecube ports can be used while the wii is running not only in "gamecube mode".



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    While an interesting idea, to be sure, I doubt you'll ultimately find an answer to this one. It would mean modifying the system menu itself (or maybe the ios it runs on?), in a fairly substantial way. While certainly not impossible, I don't think the demand is there to justify the effort. Having said that, gamecube controllers do in fact work in loaders, or at least in configurable USB loader.


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