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Thread: Modding Second Wii..can all the apps be copied over?

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    Modding Second Wii..can all the apps be copied over?

    Hi guys

    I'm modding a second Wii for my bedroom
    My question is whether all the stuff on my SD card can simply be copied over
    Both will be 4.3U
    Obviously the apps can copy but I was wondering about things like triiforce and anything else I didn't think about

    Besides CIOS wads I was hoping all I would need to do was letterbomb, priiloader, the dml wad, and forwarders
    Is that the case? Am I missing something?
    Will stuff like triiforce that was created with my nand/key from another wii work on the second one, or do they have to be unique?


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    I would not!

    I would get a fresh card and follow the guide for the new wii... then add the apps that you want to the new wii...

    Unfortunately to save your self headache in the long run... start fresh on every wii...

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    ok thanks for the help

    Just to be clear though...
    It won't work right?
    You aren't just saying follow the guide for the sake of it (I know that's kind of the default response)

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    You should always start fresh, as stated above by EmuHack.

    It will save you time from hassle's that may occur.

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    So I did it
    It worked fine

    Thanks for your concern guys but for anyone seeking the answer to this question the answer was yes you can use triiforce made with a differnt nand on a different wii


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