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Thread: Indiana PWNS not seen on SD???

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    Indiana PWNS not seen on SD???

    I have a new black Wii on 4.3u with the new remotes. I am trying to mod it the same exact way as I modded my other black Wii that was on the same menu. Using the exact same SD card and the same game disc and same method. Have even tried different SD cards just to see if it was my SD card. When I go to SD card on the Wii to copy the file for my region, there is no file there but the SD card does show how many blocks are available. Have started a new game on lego indiana jones then exited to system menu. Have also unzipped the downloaded file to each SD card. Any good reason why the files aren't showing up when the SD card is in the Wii???

    OK, after reseting a few times it started working for some reason, thanks
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    Why don't you install HBC using letterbomb hack. No game disk is required. See this guide for more info, and the rest of the modding procedures:


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