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Thread: Update Wii to 4.3 with HBC and BootMii Installed

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    Update Wii to 4.3 with HBC and BootMii Installed

    I had just installed HBC and BootMii into my 4.2U Wii. I had notice somewhere that 4.3U update has USB 2.0 support.

    So can install 4.3U menu with HBC and BootMii installed? (Nothing else has been installed or done beyond this point)
    If so how should I approach to upgrading the Wii to 4.3U menu??

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    Don't do that you will lose all that you have done and be forced to resoft mod. Since 4.0 came out they have all got USB 2.0.

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    I only installed the 2 things. So I don't mind reinstalling the 2 as it doesn't take much time.

    If I wanted 4.3U, all I have to do this go to system update and update the system right? If i update will this way will it brick the wii?

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    Why do you want 4.3? If your answer is to play games, maybe take a minute and review the newbies guide.

    Hint: It's a trick question. There's no reason to go to 4.3.


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    Good to know thanks!


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