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Thread: Need some help with NeoCD emulator

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    Need some help with NeoCD emulator

    I keep running into an issue with NeoCD 0.5. I just can't this game to work. Ironically, I was able to get it to work just fine my first time through, but I deleted it since then and am having issues with my second go with it. What happens is, the NEOCD bios boots, and when the game loading screen with the little monitor appears after that, it displays for a second then goes black. The emulator doesn't crash. The bios passed an MD5 check. Here is my SD directory tree. What am I missing?



    SD:\NEOCD\Crossed Swords 2\
    SD:\NEOCD\Crossed Swords 2\Crossed Swords 2.iso
    SD:\NEOCD\Crossed Swords 2\Crossed Swords 2.iso (cue)
    SD:\NEOCD\Crossed Swords 2\IPL.txt
    SD:\NEOCD\Crossed Swords 2\MP3\
    SD:\NEOCD\Crossed Swords 2\MP3\track02.mp3
    SD:\NEOCD\Crossed Swords 2\MP3\track03.mp3
    SD:\NEOCD\Crossed Swords 2\MP3\track22.mp3
    SD:\NEOCD\Crossed Swords 2\MP3\track23.mp3

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    I figured it out. The iso file had to be unpacked.

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    Where did you find the bios file??

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    It's illegal to download and against the rules to link to it, yet a chimp would be able to find aided by GOOGLE.


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