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    help please

    i have a 4.2u softmodded wii and everything was going good running usbloadergx.then i decided to try and install cfg loader and it gave me an error about cios58 not found or i tried a couple of programs to install and i ended up making it so i couldnt load the game thru gx either.the disk drive dosent work so everything is loaded thru the usb drive.i have another wii that the disk drive went out in also.its a 4.3u.i used letterbomb to install HBC and ran gx thru that.the game loaded after a few tries and i was able to play a little.i backed out for the night and when i tried to reboot the next day...not goes into the game then sure im forgetting something but its late and im tired so if you have any questions ill answer when i get back on.i messed with a few programs on the new wii to install cios36 i guess.not sure all of why im doing what i do so not sure what programs.i have them saved if you need the names

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    What guide did you follow? You may wish to follow (what had been mauifrog's "Softmod ANY Wii") the guide here on WH.

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    can i just format my wii and start over or have i messed up by messing with the cios?do i need to try and remove the softmod and start over?

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    ok i used the install guide on here and everything went good.loaded mw3 with cfg loader and was able to get i decided to do my other wii and everything seems good.the thing is now,i cant get back on goes thru the wii start up part then 1 dot on the loading screen and it freezes.what did i do wrong.i didnt mess with the usb drive or anything.just switched it from 1 wii to another then wouldnt load on the 2nd wii either.everything else loaded.i even reinstalled the game using WBFS manager 3.0


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