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Thread: I hacked, then unchacked, Now I want to rehack (explanantion inside)

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    I hacked, then unchacked, Now I want to rehack (explanantion inside)

    So I had a hacked Wii for a long time on firmware 4.2 (had USB loader and all that good stuff going). I got Zelda: Skyward Sword as a present and put it in pretty much knowing that it was going to unhack my Wii, but I figured the Wii was on its way out anyways so why not. It updated me to Wii 4.3U. Well, I'd like to hack it again. My HB channel is still there, as well as my USB loader channel. What I'd like to do is load some wads on there but it seems like every thing hack I do just freezes the system or loading wads gives me error -2011. I did the letterbomb hack for 4.3 but still does the same thing. Things are a lot different (and easier it seems) to rehack the Wii. Can I get pointed in the right direction to everything I'd need? Or is this even possible?

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    The Softmod ANY Wii guide...nuf said lol

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