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Thread: Linux on Wii

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    Linux on Wii

    Hello again! After successfully softmodding my Wii according to your wonderful guides, I was wonder what I could do to use my Wii almost as a "living room PC", and I suddenly remembered a few years ago people tried to run Linux distributions on the Wii. So... have things improved? What's the best Linux distribution I could use on the Wii and how? I'd like a distro which is "multimedia oriented", so that I can browse the internet, download movies to the external HD and, possibly, also watch youtube videos. Am I asking too much from the Wii?

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    No knowledge of linux on the wii
    although I would not be surprised if the entire homebrew system works off a linux port. It certainly isn't windows based

    wiimc will allow you to set up a sharing network so you can play files off an external hard drive not directly connected to the wii
    it will also let you watch youtube videos
    you can also watch youtube videos and browse the internet through the wii's official internet channel

    I don't think there is a good way to use your wii to download and save movies from the internet


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